At RPC our kids (infant through Grade 6) experience safe, age appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relative way.  We would love to see you and your family at RPC.


Here's what to expect when visiting RPC for the first time:

  1. Meet the Welcome Desk Attendant.  The Welcome Desk Attendant will help you check-in your children at the Kids Desk.  
  2. If you're checking in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information.  We value your privacy and we won't share this information with anyone else.  Here's what we're asking for:
    • Parent's or Guardian's name(s)
    • Child's name and birthdate
    • Home address and phone number
    • Special instructions, such as alergies and special needs for your child
  3. Then, you will be escorted to your seats to enjoy music worship together as a family.  Once the music portion of the service has ended, kids will be invited to follow a Kids Church leader to the Kingdom Kids Room.


Before Service.  Stop by the Kids Desk to Check-in and get your Name Tags and ID#.

During Service.  Once the music portion of the main service has ended, kids will be invited to follow a Kids Church leader to the Kingdom Kids Room.  In the event that we need to contact you during the service, a hall monitor or usher will come to ask for your assistance.

After Service.  After the service has closed, you will meet your child at the entrance of the Kingdom Kids Room and turn in your ID# so we can match the number to your child's, before releasing them to your care.  Note:  Kids 7 and older who feel comfortable making their way back to the lobby on their own to meet up with their parents are permitted to do so.

It's that simple!


Michael Conrad






If you have further questions concerning our Kingdom Kids Ministry or visiting RPC with kids, simply click here to get in touch with us.