Part of how we try to stay connected to others in RPC is by participating in Life groups.  Some groups are small and intimate, other groups are larger.  All who attend RPC are welcome and encouraged to attend a group.

Why do they exist?  For a number of reasons:  to follow biblical example and teaching, to grow as disciples of Jesus, to connect with and care for other people...

What is Life Group Ministry?  It is a small group of Christians who meet together regularly for a variety of reasons.

What do groups do?  All kinds of things:  pray together, worship together, serve together, reach out together, share each others joys and sorrows, learn and grow together, play together...

Where do groups meet?  In homes, at the church, in various places in the community…

When do groups meet?  Various times:  weeknights, weekdays, Saturdays. Some meet weekly, others bi-weekly or monthly.

Current Life Groups:

Seniors Bible Study at Rockcliffe Seniors Complex - 1:30 p.m. every other Wednesday September to June.  (519) 376-1284 x221.)

Chazown Group Study                                                                                                                         Chazown is the Hebrew word for vision, and it's what God had in mind for you when you were created. Discovering your chazown starts with examining your core values, spiritual gifts, and past experiences. These three areas will help you identify common themes, bring clarity to your unique passions, and lead you to the purpose God has just for you. The best part is that you can start planning your next steps toward pursuing God's vision—His chazown—for your life today! Call for Details and Next Group (519) 376-1284 x221

SOZO/SET FREE Study                                                                                                                                                                    Sozo ministry is “a unique inner healing and freedom ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." We will not only teach you be free we will give you tools (scripture) to help you remain free. Sozo is a place one goes to uncover wounds or lies and their roots and replace it with the truth of God's Word. Call for Details and Next Group (519) 376-1284 x221  

Plus others offered on different topics periodically through the year.